Safe deposits with Sofort

You want to play at a new online casino but you're facing a dilemma, which is a safe place that you can trust with your money? There are some tips you should look at.

1.    Check the available deposit options such as SOFORT
2.    Check if the casino has a license from Malta, Curacao etc
3.    Have a look at review sites and what they have to say about the particular casino
4.    First pay a small amount and play through
5.    Please contact the casino in advance via customer service

Secure payment

We mentioned already in the summary of payment methods at online casinos that this can determine the security. Remember that a bank does not just give permission to use its payment options. The companies that offer this are heavily screened for security.

Safe deposit with SOFORT banking

SOFORT is a very popular and direct payment method for online casinos, but big webshops also make use of it. SOFORT originates from Germany, which has one of the most strict requirements when it comes to online payments. In fact, it is the only country where online purchases are protected and web shops should return money if a customer is dissatisfied. SOFORT means "direct" in German and this is correct because if you use SOFORT, your money is transferred directly and safely to the casino that you have chosen. SOFORT banking uses SSL - Encryption and other security techniques that protect you as a player from theft of your data, but also the infamous Phishing by cybercriminals, who are too happy to get access to your data and money. Nothing like this will happen to you if you just use SOFORT.

How does SOFORT work?

Actually, paying with SOFORT is very simple, you have a look at the online casino of your choice and see if the SOFORT option is available. If yes click on the option and open the payment module. This is basically self explanatory, but we will give a brief explanation:

1.    Select your country and choose your bank using the bank sort code.
2.    Now you are in the login section: Log in with your online banking login details, such as your username in combination with your password.
3.    You will be asked for a confirmation code. Enter the requested confirmation code.
4.    You will now receive a summary of your transfer or order confirmation from the online casino. The money will be transferred immediately.

SOFORT of course hast to take some money for the use of the service. Transaction fee per successful transaction 0.9% + € 0.25. In itself, this is a lot but in the end you make use of a secure payment option, and in order to keep this up, you will be charged. All in all, we recommend SOFORT as a very good alternative to iDeal.