Roulette with Sofort

Are you a fan of roulette and do you want to deposit with Sofort Überweisung to play? It is possible! In all of the casinos we tested you can play roulette with Sofort and go for the win. You will of course encounter the rules of the game to follow and different strategies in order to participate for the win. If you have an account at an online casino, you can play roulette with Sofort. Are you logged in and do you have enough credits available? Then follow the rules of the game as explained by us and possibly even use a strategy to rake in big bucks!

Rules of online roulette

When playing roulette with Sofort there is only one goal: increase your bankroll by predicting on which number the little ball will fall in each round. To start, you will have to place a bet. Are you playing European Roulette? Then you can choose from 37 numbers including 0. You are also able to make additional bets like: red, black, odd or even. Once a bet has been placed the ball will spin around in the Roulette wheel. When the ball stops spinning the casino computer will check if (one of) your bet(s) matches the place where the ball dropped. If this is the case you will receive a payout, if not then you have lost. As soon as the results are in and payouts have been done, a new round can be played with new bets.

Using strategies to win

It is not possible to secure your 100% chances to win money. However, you can increase your chances on winning on Roulette with Sofort by using a strategy. The most used strategy is Martingale strategy. When you choose Martingale you will chase the win based on doubling up on bets on colour. You play with a fixed bet size and one colour. Let’s say this color is red and you play with €5. If you win you will leave your bet on the table and take your winnings. If you lose, you will have to double your bet size every time until you win. Once you hit a win you will have won back all of your previous bets and will be back on 0. With this strategy, you will not win large amounts very fast but the chances that you will something are significantly higher.

Betting limits at Sofort casinos.

Players who are going to play roulette with Sofort at a casino will have different possible bets available. By this we do not mean numbers but amounts to wager. Roulette with Sofort against the computer can be played from only €0,10 per bet. In this case, the maximum bet per round is usually €10. If you choose a table that offers higher bets then you can play from as little as €0,50 and betting limits can vary from tens to hundreds of Euro’s per round. There is also the option to play live roulette with Sofort if you choose a live casino. In these cases, bets are allowed from €1 but you can also find tables where a bet up to €75.000 is accepted to win. There are plenty of options for all types of budgets!

Practice First

Do you want to get to know an online casino play table? That is always possible. Before you play roulette with Sofort we would recommend to open a casino website without logging in to your account. That way you can browse the games anonymously and join a table of your choice. You will play with practice credits to learn the rules and at the same time get used to the gaming environment offered by the casino. Additionally, it is possible to test some strategies in a free roulette game. When you have practiced and want to play with real money for the win then you can deposit into your account with Sofort. From that moment on, the betting limits are operative and you are able to win.

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