Punto Banco with real money

You want to play Punto Banco with real money, then you need to deposit money. One of the fastest options is SOFORT. This online payment method, which is actually from Germany, has become extremely popular in Europe because it is safe and fast. It looks a lot like our famous iDeal and even has a lot of similarity. Paying via SOFORT is very easy as it is actually indicated.

Just play Punto Banco and pay with Sofort

In the Netherlands, online payment with iDeal is one of the best known options, however, many online casinos and other gambling companies also accept SOFORT as legal tender. SOFORT becomes more popular every day and is so popular because it's very easy and fast. And that's what you want if you want to play your favorite Punto Banco game online. Obstacles are definitely the last thing you are waiting for.

How does Sofort work with Punto Banco

SOFORT is an online direct payment method and operates on the basis of online banking. The big advantage is: You do not have to register or open a virtual account, also known as an electronic wallet. It is basically a direct transfer of funds. Customers who select SOFORT as their preferred payment method for an online purchase will be sent directly to the secure sofort.com payment form.

All data is automatically transferred, so you only have to enter your bank's code, along with your usual online bank information and finally the confirmation code to authorize the transfer. All information is delivered to your bank in an encrypted format. The online retailer receives real-time confirmation of the transfer order and can ship the goods quickly. This means there is no waiting time before the money reflects, such as for example in advance payments (by bank transfer). So you can play Punto Banco right away because the money will reflect immediately in the account of the site that you are playing at.

Can winnings from playing Punto Banco be withdrawn via Sofort?

You cannot withdraw any money you have won on Punto Banco to your SOFORT account, just use your own bank account. In fact, it's just like when paying with iDeal, money can only be received through your own account. This is because you did not had to create an e-wallet like Skrill or Neteller.

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