Blackjack with Sofort

One of the easiest and fastest ways for Blackjack players to make deposits into their online casino accounts is by using SOFORT. This actually works just like making a deposit with  iDeal. SOFORT is the abbreviation for Sofortüberweisung, which in Dutch means "direct bank transfer".

Many Blackjack sites are able to immediately process the deposits, that are being made with SOFORT. That means that you can start playing Blackjack within minutes after you signed up. The same safeguards that apply to retail also apply to making online deposits with SOFORT banking.

SOFORT as a substitute for iDeal

As a recent adjustment the Dutch government has sharpened the deposit with iDeal at online gambling companies such as casinos and blackjack sites. The law actually prohibits gambling companies from accepting payments with iDeal. However, SOFORT is basically as fast and safe as iDeal, and an example of German solidity and is above all quite safe.

In response to this government adjustment, many Blackjack sites and online casinos have adjusted their deposit policy when it comes to depositing money. Of course, you can also deposit with Visa and MasterCard, but it is much more convenient and quicker to use SOFORT, especially if you do not have a credit card and have to apply for it first. This may take days or weeks, and it might not even happen, that you ever receive one.

Direct money transfer with SOFORT

SOFORT is an online direct transfer solution, that works with your own banking details. Therefore using SOFORT is very simple. What you need to do in order to deposit is to select a bank just as you would at iDeal, but you will also be asked for a country, which is slightly  different compared to iDeal. The bank code you choose is associated to the bank where the money should be withdrawn from.

It is child proof because everything goes automatically and is extremely safe, the data is encrypted and sent to your bank. This means that you can actually play your favorite Blackjack game right away. So there is actually no need to worry that you cannot use iDeal anymore, we recommend you using SOFORT.

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